Saturday, September 16, 2006

i love hockey

hockey. is so fun.

yes, hockey has started again. ahhhh... you know how i know? because several parts of my body are actually in quite a but of pain right now. i have four very big bruises right now, three of which are... ahem... unphotographable, but...

image freakout

actually the picture doesn't do it justice. it looks all pastel. but the one thing i do like is that you can see the reflection in the mirror, and you can tell that it's got a severe 3D thing going on...

i'm very excited. i don't bruise easily, so when i finally get something this gnarly-looking, i feel like i have to show it off. this was from dan, in the first game i played today. it started turning purple right away. after the game my whole arm was shaking.

but anyway, hugo jr, david, ryan and i are all on a team... yay... along with jared, who is a good skater but seems kind of unsure about being in the adult league. oh, and rick. you guys remember rick, right? the one that said i didn't know how to position because i've been playing less than a year? yeah.

well, we are currently 1-2. so far we've won by one, lost by one, and been brutally humiliated once. i'll keep you posted as to how we do this year... hugo and i already decided that it's been far too long since we won a championship.


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