Monday, September 11, 2006

classical mystery tour

okay.... i must, i must, i must use what little spare time i have right now and catch you up on the beatles tribute concert that alicia and i went to last weekend. I KNOW, right? how can i do that when i haven't even told you about the honest-to-god RINGO STAR, who i went to see TWO MONTHS AGO?!?

i think the answer to that is that i'm either a bad fan or a bad blogger, and i hope to heaven that it's the latter, because i really really really love the beatles and i want to be a good fan... i want to be the best fan. i'd like to be a good blogger, too, but... sigh... they're so dreamy.

alicia picked me up last sunday wearing a green shirt with yellow silhouettes of the beatles, and she had a matching one for me! yay! that makes nine beatles shirts if you count the paul and ringo ones, which i do. we went to the university for the concert, which was a collaboration on the las cruces symphony orchestra and the classical mystery tour.

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it was bloody brilliant. unlike the last tribute band, all the members actually looked like their respective beatles. the music was awesome, they probably played about thirty songs. they also played some wings songs, and a john song, but they sort of stiffed george by leaving out "my sweet lord." oh well.

again, paul wasn't left-handed. and his accent wasn't quite as good as the last guy. but really, it was a much better show. george freakin rocked. "while my guitar gently weeps" was so incredible. hearing it live is rather profound. john rocked, too. as you guys know, i'm not much of a fan of the real john lennon, but i have to admit, his music was genius. paul was totally awesome. during "hey jude," i grabbed alicia and said, "this is when paul blew me a kiss!" it was great. ringo was sort of quiet, but he did very well. it was so much fun.

now it's time for some bad pictures... here's george...

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and john and ringo.

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you can see the mistro in that picture, too. half of the fun was watching him conducting the symphony. he stood high above the orchestra and the stage, so he was visible anyway, but then they put a huge spotlight on him and threw his gigantic shadow up on the wall. he was a riot. he sang along with most of the songs, and he had so much energy and he was super excited. Especially when the crowd made noise, he'd turn around and look at the guys on the stage and you could just tell he was thinking, "ohmygod, i'm a BEATLE! this is SOOOOOOOO COOL!" he was great.

their last number was "twist and shout," and the mistro grabbed one of the female violin players and pulled her out onto the stage and was dancing with her and singing into the microphone with george... he was funny. what a sweet guy.

did i tell you how much i love the beatles? a large portion of the stress in my life is due to the fact that i'm not sure who i love more, paul or george. no kidding. they are both so wonderful. i mean, paul is, and george was... you'd think that that would have something to do with the whole decision process, but it doesn't. is it creepy that i have two enormous crushes, one on an old guy and one on a dead guy? don't answer that.

okay, i'm tired and starting to admit things that people should never put on the internet. that's all for now, kiddos. i swear on everything that is holy that I WILL write about the ringo concert, one of these days. until then... oh my goodness, george was so handsome. and paul is so romantic.

i need to go.


Barbara said...

It is so much fun reading your blog! I love your passion for those old boys... and, er, the dead one... I'm not sure that *that* is so weird... except that your profile says you are both a beatles geek *and* a zombie geek. So, of course you love the dead beatle. Keep up the good writing! Call when you come home so we can have some fun together.

nerdy said...

yay! i LOVE fun!

i never made that connection between the beatles and zombies before, but that's really funny, in an i-would-never-do-that sort of way. i'll just have to accept that he's gone... sigh.