Wednesday, March 08, 2006

we're going to disneyworld, kids!

yes, it's true... scuba, curtis, and my brother nick and i are going to florida next week for spring break. we'll be driving in scuba's parent's car along I10, stopping in san antonio and new orleans before finally getting to orlando. we're going to crash with gabe, a friend of ours who moved to orlando a few years ago. he's great.

but of course we're mostly going for the disneyworld 50th anniversary, not for gabe. yay, disneyworld! hopefully we'll be there for two days, and we might go to sea world or universal or something for the third day. and yes, just like the last road trip, i'll keep you guys posted with pictures and everything. i'm starting to get very excited about this! hooray!

we're leaving from las cruces on saturday. see you then! :)

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