Thursday, March 02, 2006

i feel seven years old...

brit lit keeps my life so interesting.

yesterday, for the first time all semester, i was not in a group with statch. the only reason for this was that dr. mott asked us to form our own groups instead of numbering us off again. it was so nice. and relaxing. ahhh...

seriously, it was like the "after" part of an allergy medicine commercial, when the lady is happily walking around in the sunshine, and the all flowers and puppies wave to her. we should all be so lucky, but two other girls were stuck with the pig. poor things.

the assigned reading for yesterday's class was the general prologue of the canterbury tales. i thought we were going to have a quiz over the material, which you would expect, i don't know, in a college-level class, but instead mott told us to get in groups and draw a freakin picture of our favorite character from the story. a picture! he'd even brought some markers, most of which were pastel-colored. he also told us to write a poem. at the end of the hour, he had us tell the class about our pictures, read the poems out loud, and then hang the pictures on the wall. no, i'm not kidding. at the end of class we had a row of poorly-drawn, oddly-colored portraits along one wall on ripped-out notebook paper with the little paper bits still cringing onto one edge.

it was really embarrassing.

alright, i'm all for coloring and having fun and stuff, but seriously... i know this is a tech school, but does he really have to treat us like we have the literary minds of third-graders? drawing a picture is one thing, but hanging it on the wall? give me a break. does he sit at home and think, "wow, this story is too hard for these poor math-minded techies. what could i do to make this easy for them?"

no, i'm not really annoyed with him, i'm just astounded that i actually got this assignment as a senior in college. i read chaucer in high school, and we actually had a real class discussion about it and had to write an essay. am i naive to think i should be maturing from there? i'm just surprized, that's all.

at the end of class, pablo raised his had and asked, "do we have to bring our parents to look at our pictures?"

mott said if he did, he'd get extra credit.

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