Friday, March 10, 2006

road trip, day zero

tonight we're sleeping in las cruces, but tomorrow morning, sometime between the hours of 3 and 4 am, curtis, scuba, nick and i will be on our way to florida for a real-life spring break adventure. but! dun DUN DUUUUUNNN... little did the four adventurers know that among them was a crazed psycopath! which one of them will it turn out to be?

is it curtis, with his batman reference for every occasion, his propensity for invading the personal bubbles of others? are his goofy, seemingly lighthearted boy scout songs a cover for the madness that lies within? just whay is it that he can quote every scrap of disney trivia known to man? is he hiding something?

could it be nick? what's the real reason that he's videotaping the entire trip? is it to fullfill his own dark purposes? will he be able to handle being the only one in the car who is not perfectly content to discuss governing equations and heat transfer? will the residual nerd stress cause him to snap?

or is it scuba steve, with his perpetual throat-clearing, obvious-question-asking, laughing-to-fill-gaps-in-the-conversation personality? what will he do when tensions rise and he can't agree with everyone all the time? will he have to throw off his "i'm a follower" self and be decisive and take sides?

or will he simply throw everyone off by asking more of those mind-numbing questions?
nick: "hey, i love that movie!"
scuba: "oh, have you seen it?"
nick: "what?"
scuba: "hee hee hee hee hee hee.... a-hem."

or will i be the first to snap? will i go insane with the knowledge that of the four people in the car, i'm the only one who really cares or wants to listen to yes? will i take it upon myself to educate those boys in the way of classic rock? i am travelling with three extremely low-maintenance guys. thus, the ancient stereotype of "women take forever to get ready" will be thricefold proven by me. every day. will i be driven mad by continually holding up the group's progess?

as you've probably guessed, i don't have the best attitude right now. i'm a little cranky about the road trip, but i'm totally excited about disneyworld. hopefully i will be more excited and less cranky by morning... pray for me. i will need patience.

thank GOD nick is coming. if i didn't have anyone to qupte austin powers with when things got really bad.... well, i'd cry.

or snap.

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