Friday, July 29, 2005

Road Trip Days Four and Five

took a break from the trippin and did some crashin.... yesterday we were in louisville all day and didn't do anything really eventful, except go to dinner at kasmir, and indian restaurant that i can't say i particularly cared for. at any rate, i didn't take pictures.

today tracy and i drove to cambelsville, where she wants to go to college, and back to louisville. on the way we passed lincoln's birthplace and elizabethtown, which tracy likes because olrando bloom went there to film his new movie that's coming out. and she calls me a nerd...

overall, i think the two of us are holding up pretty well together, considering we have been in close company since sunday evening, and loose caompany since even before that. i DO think that she elaborates her stories a little bit for the family. hmm...

more later! bueno!

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