Sunday, July 31, 2005

Road Trip Day Six

true, right now is technically day seven, but i was up very late last night and didn't get a chance / forgot to post some pics. i'm not really that late.

yesterday was by far our most eventful trippin day. tracy and i took a state highway, thinking it would save us some time. the official speed limit was 55 mph, but the recommended speed around the twists and turns next to extremely high cliffs was about 15 mph. needless to say, we scared ourselves to death, saw quite a bit of rural west virgina, and didn't save any time at all. actually, we think we lost quite a bit. and with scenery that included antique tractors totally overgrown with vegitation, 2,000 ft drops, decades-behind towns, and "the mystery spot," we very loudly thanked GOD when we got back on the interstate. my sis plans on getting the poor AAA guy who suggested the idea fired. well, it was an adventure.


Eddo said...

Love the pics!

I may have to do a road trip blog on The Blog Patrol and include yours there!

nerdy said...

well, thank you very much, eddo! it's nice to see that someone is keeping up with us.