Friday, July 08, 2005

it won't happen again

about half of the tech campus is under construction right now. oddly enough, that's not much of an exaggeration. all the roof tiles and skylights were destroyed in the hailstorm, so every building has a fence around it and the parking lots are one by one being blocked off for the construction crews. cramer, the building next to the one i work in, is being entirely gutted and re-done from the inside out. a big new sub is being built in the middle of campus, and there's a new chiller plant being built on the other side. a normally-short walk is incredibly delayed by slowly making your way all the way around the many fenced-off areas.

on such a walk yesterday, pablo noticed that the fence around cramer had been opened up, and we walked inside and checked it out. we went upstairs to and walked on the shaky floor, parts of which had cracks through which the rooms below were visible. that was creepy. and the basement is being completely torn up. that was kind of cool.

and then we walked out, simple as that. or wait, maybe not, because there's a truck coming up behind us pretty fast, and as soon as i heard it, i thought, there's campus police. sure enough, someone had called the cops on us. what kind of loser did that?

nothing dramatic happened, i just smiled, apologized and said it wouldn't happen again. it's amazing how far that gets you with authority figures. the officer told us that he didn't want us getting hurt, and he didn't want to call our parents to tell them we were injured. i don't really think it's his job to notify the family, but i didn't argue. just smile, apologize, and say it won't happen again.

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