Tuesday, February 08, 2005

hello stranger

yes, it's been a while. i've finally really realized that i just can't live without the internet. i will do whatever is needed to get it into my house. right now i'm in my good ol' boyfriends room, but soon i will be publishing from my very own house! ah....

so, meet the new roomies. i'd say it's about time.

first of all, the girls in general...
they are all SO beautiful! i think rauni looks like sandra bullock, and everyone thinks nicki looks like liv tyler. i've been trying to figure out what celebrity kc looks like for quite some time now, but no luck. if you're really interested, i think she looks a little like carla bruni, but not so much to actually say it for sure.

first of all... the room-roommate, nicole.

nicki is studying early childhood development at the unm valencia campus. she's my age (21) and has a boyfriend named jonny and a dog named mocha. she's really sweet and fun and she's really, really happy like 99% of the time. i don't think she's ever had a ROOM roommate before, so it's kind of been an experience. she likes total darkness and lots of heat. i like to see and save my money. but it's working out. the good part is we have a huge closet and tons of clothes.

the house-roommate, kc

kc was doing graduate work at tech in geology i think, when she decided that it wasn’t what she wanted to do. now she’s teaching science at the middle school. she’s 24, making her the oldest of all of us. kc is very very pretty, and she’s tall and graceful and she’s has a really cute minnesota accent. she dresses nice, too. i think she could be a model. i like kc a lot, but i don’t really know how to act around her. i feel like i’m too immature or something. it’s not that she’s condescending or anything, i’m just weird.

the other house-roommate, rauni

rauni is the coolest and prettiest of us all. she only just turned nineteen this month, but she’s like superwoman, i swear. i think it was my second day at this house, she woke up at like seven on a saturday to go outside and burn the weeds in the yard. she’s got so much ambition and she’s cheerful and she stands up for herself.. she’s the only other techie in the house, but we don’t really have a techie kinship because she’s a freshman and living off-campus and still in the same town with her family and an undecided major and i’m totally in the thick of my junior engineering classes. but that doesn’t mean we’re not friends! she’s really smart and she’s not a drama queen… she’s so cool.

well, friends, it looks like my time is up for this evening. good night!

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