Thursday, February 17, 2005

what's in YOUR head?

though i’d like people to think otherwise, i’m one lazy, lazy person. it doesn’t seem like it from the outside, since i was valedictorian of my class and i usually have a job and i have great grades and all… but really, most of that is luck. i spend most of my waking hours playing spider solitaire. i put my homework off until the last minute, i haven’t washed my car in years, i don’t keep in touch with my friends… i have SO much free time, and i don’t do anything with it.

today i did the dishes twice, did ALL my laundry (and there was a lot of it, because hey, i put it off for over a month), cleaned my room, and got a job, of all things. i figured while i have all this motivation i should write to you, at least about the bizarre dream i had last night. every time i sleep in my new bed, i have the weirdest dreams. the weirdest one was when i dreamed i was crucified. i think i was JESUS.

as you know, my best friend carmelita is getting married this summer. i had a dream that we were at her wedding, but the ceremony was at steve’s house here in socorro. there were rows of chairs set up in the living room. i remember seeing carmen wearing a purple shirt and jeans and panicking because she wasn’t ready to get married and i would be in trouble because i’m the maid of honor. then i saw steve, and he was wearing jeans too. they told me that the wedding was over (apparently i had just missed it, all the guests were still in the other room) and that they were tired. they were unusually okay with me missing the ceremony. they had all their bags packed and were getting into the car, and they told me they were going to san diego for the reception.

next thing i know, i’m in san diego dreamland, where it’s very, very, sunny and pretty cold. we were on an outdoor platform right next to the water under a huge ugly tent. i was sitting at a table with my brother, our new study buddy, and his sister. as far as i know, none of them will actually be at the wedding. actually, i don’t even know if the sister exists. study buddy said he used to be gay. i remember thinking, “i knew it!”

then marky larky came in! he won’t be at the wedding either, but he was working in san diego. he was carrying huge cages full of doves, and he let them go inside the tent. they all flew up to the top and carried the tent away with them and flew off. the sun was really bright, and i looked across the water and saw two penguins playing on a little island.

then it started to rain, so we all had to build a new tent. there was metal and timber sticking out on the sides. everyone was toasting carmen and steve, but i wasn’t paying attention. i don’t think i was the maid of honor.

the weirdest part of my weird dreams is how well i can remember them. i can still see every detail. are any of you dream interpreters? am i a mental case or what? help!

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