Wednesday, January 26, 2005

what smoke are you cracking?

as all of you know, i ended up moving in with the val verde girls. the house is big and beautiful and very cozy and homey…. i love it. there are downsides, of course, the main one being no internet. no internet! how primitive, you are no doubt thinking, but i thought i would be tortured by this fact a lot more than i am. the only real sides effects are that i’m bored and can’t look something up whenever i want to. like today i had to make a phone call to find out the surface area of a sphere. i used to be just a few clicks away from stuff like that… do i really have to remember it now? sigh….

moving in with non-techies is simply relating to me once again how backwards i really am. first of all, bedtime… i thought jessica slept a lot, but wow. these girls go to bed at like eight thirty. i don’t get it. i recently read an article about how much people sleep, and i’m not alone. it seems there are a handful of people out there who are groggy when they get to much sleep, too much being like six hours. i find that i function the best on about four. so on the weekdays i’m up late doing homework, and on the weekends, i think, hey, no homework due tomorrow! i can go to bed early!

on saturday night my roommate nicole saw me in my p.j.’s at ten and said, “are you seriously going to bed right now?” my thinking is, “it’s the weekend! time for sleep!” while theirs is, “it’s the weekend! stay up late!”


another realization came when mike and i went out to dinner with some of his friends from home. a guy that used to go to tech, matt, his girlfriend, emily, and her best friend, jon. since we’re all students, of course we talked about school. it was so weird… mike and i have completely different lives than jon and emily. matt, who knows both situations, was in the middle and almost seemed uncomfortable taking a side. just talking about the math alone was weird. emily is nervous about taking algebra. jon is proud that he took calc one. mike laughed… i just didn’t know what to say. and then emily was talking about her major, cultural anthropology. i didn’t even know what that meant. at one point, jon asked us if we even had humanities at our school. and i’m pretty sure he was serious.

last night i went to presidents to hang out with carmen and ended up playing catch phrase with a few of the girls that live there. my word was “net.” i thought later that a normal person would have asked their teammates, “what do you catch fish in?” but i asked, “what do you use to check your email? what do we call it for short?”

and they guessed it right away, no hesitation.

tis a strange and sorted life I lead.

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