Tuesday, December 14, 2004

shoe politics

WHAT is the deal?!?

maybe i've really digressed into nerdom. maybe socorro is going to be one of those towns stuck decades behind the rest of the world. maybe i'm the only one who thinks this... or maybe ugg boots and super-spikey shoes really are ridiculous.

honestly... the spikey shoes girls are wearing these days are the most unattractive footwear i think i've ever seen. not just girls! i went to see ocean's twelve opening night, and there's a scene where brad pitt and catherine zeta-jones, perhaps two of the most beautiful people ever, are standing next to each other, both wearing those aweful, pointy shoes. i was very sad.

less sad but equally mysterious is the obsession with ugg boots. i'm not the shoe expert my roommate is, but didn't some celebrity start those? i bet a lot of them sat around and said, "these kiddos love us so much, we could wear the ugliest shoes imaginable and they'd still copy us." way to go, public.

for reals now, not to offend, but i really am in the dark here. are the boots really comfortable? do the spikes make your legs look longer? if all this is just to look different, um... it's not working. everybody's wearing them.

except me! give me my chucks any day.

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