Monday, December 27, 2004

the christmas-new year stretch

here's my theory. i've had it since i was a kid. christmas is so stressful and crazy and everyone's trying to remember things that they haven't finished yet, and add to that the stress of finals, vacation time from work, family coming into town, spending loads and loads of money... it's really not that enjoyable. new year's eve is where it's at. it's a big party! you're not required to bring any gifts, you don't have to spend all your money, you get to stay up late, and honestly, the tv stations play the BEST movies on new year's eve. i love new year's eve more than my own birthday. i thinnk it takes people a while to get into the holiday spirit. at christmastime, it's still settling in. but a week later, at new years, you're ready to have fun. it really feels relaxing and you're ready to have fun.

so christmastime, anyone? my parents gave me two redeemable plane tickets so i can take my darling on a trip for his birthday. i'm so excited! i want to go to washington state, and go to visit vancouvour. also in the way of presents, my little sister made me a fleece blaket with my little ponies all over it. that one is at the top of the list. and my baby brother covered a little heart-shaped wooden box with pretty paper for me and filled it with m&ms. he's so cute! of course my big brother had to buy me something expensive, now that he's a working man and all. he bought me an uthentic dallas stars jersey. it's beautiful and expensive and HUGE. i can't think of when i could wear it. really the brightest future i can see for this bank-buster is in a frame on the wall.

i bought my parents matching mom & dad t shirts that say new mexico tech on them. they also got pictures i knew they would like from the vegas trip. my dad got one of us with a begas elvis and my mom got one of us in a gondola at the venitian. my sister got blondie's greatest hits and a life-size stand up of james dean. she loves me now! for nick i got a bunch of beanies and a sweatshirt. he likes it because it actually fits him (my brother is about 6'5") and he says it's soft. the little brother got a cd and a sweatshirt. he's still at that age where a cd is cool just because it's a cd, and a sweatshirt that his sister doesn't steal is nice.

okay, i've dodged long enough. i can only write at work nowadays because i can't get internet at home. so here i go, tagging plants. (i didn't relize how bad the dishwashing job was until i came back here. i'm so glad i quit!)

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