Tuesday, September 14, 2004

yes indeed

last night i had SO much fun! i went to the sandia casino with mike to see a concert. not just any concert, my friends, oh no... we went to see yes.

yes, yes, yes!

this is probably my favorite band, except for the beatles, but really, who could beat the beatles? anyway, they were awesome! the venue was beautiful and the sun was setting and the sound was crisp... i loved it. our seats were great, but there really aren't bad seats in the place. when the show got going i went down to the front and stood on the lawn in front of the stage and just stared up at the band. it was so cool.

it was also really nice to go to a concert and not have to get sick of the people that just go to be seen or to act snobby or to crowd surf. the fans were all happy and friendly and there to enjoy the music. it was very refreshing. it was also different from other concerts i've gone to in that most of the crowd was over forty, since yes was popular in the 70's and 80's. that was nice too. when the show was over, it was middle-aged women, not teenage boys, that were standing next to me chanting "encore!"

that's another thing. these guys are old. this was their 35th anniversary tour. at one point, jon anderson introduced a song as one they had written in 1957. yikes. but it didn't affect their show by any means, they rocked. the band was awesome. steve howe is the most talented person i think i've ever seen. his acoustic solo was probably the highlight of the show, except of course the performance of "owner of a loney heart." that's not my favorite yes song, but it's high on my list and my favorite that they played last night. the band honestly seemed like they were having lots of fun, and the crowd was very appriciative of them. jon anderson started talking about the beauty of new mexico and how they can't really pin down what it is that makes up the american spirit. the band came back for one encore, a cover of an old beatles song. it was a great ending.

right now i'm wearing a black hat that says "yes" on the front and "35" on the back. rock and roll.

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