Thursday, September 16, 2004


Devil64: it's so weird, josh and i are on exactly the same study schedule. last night we were both so brain dead... and when one of us is motovated, the other is too
webguru: funny! maybe you guys emit some sort of pheremone that makes you on the same schedule, like the whole girls period thing
Devil64: that's a disturbing thought
webguru: isn't it though?
Devil64: it may be true though
webguru: it could be
webguru: Jake and Scott and I seem to be that way
Devil64: so how does this work? if i hang around you, we'll start matching each other?
Devil64: because kat's not on this schedule, and she was there last night
webguru: I don't know
webguru: we don't have the same classes, just one class in common, so the phereomone isn't that strong
Devil64: hmmm
Devil64: and i'm in four classes with josh... and two with kat, so maybe that's something
Devil64: but that doesn't explain jon. he's in the same four as josh and i
webguru: well he's just sort of super human
webguru: his powerful brain can resist the phereomones
Devil64: that must be his mutant power!
webguru: it must be!
Devil64: today we RUSHED like you wouldn't believe to finish our thermo homework, and when the rest of us were sitting around recovering, jon pulled out his dynamics homework for NEXT week and started working on it
webguru: oh my goodness, that's sick
Devil64: and i said, "jon, don't you ever get fried?"
Devil64: and he laughed
webguru: oh my goodness!
Devil64: i know
webguru: he needs some mental help before he cracks
Devil64: he said he does get worn out, but i think he said that so i wouldn't find out about his mutant power
webguru: i knew it, he's covering!
Devil64: i wonder what his weakness is
webguru: "B"s?
Devil64: he said he's only had one "A-" since he's been here
Devil64: ....though in reality, it's probably been a lot longer than that
webguru: holy freaking cow that is sickening

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