Friday, September 24, 2004

strike two

dr jo is evil.

the concepts in vectors are pretty easy, it's all definitions and multiplying and dividing and dividing and taking square roots and derivatives. at least i think it's easy... there are some people in the class that have trouble thinking 3-dimentionally. so imagine how hard it is for them when the components we have to work with on the homework aren't easy things like exponentials, sines, and cosines, but things like log ( sec (t) ) or t*arctant. that's mean. really mean.

and what is the point of that? i think if we can figure it out with easy components we understand the material. this is stuff that the teachers in calc3 and diffeqs would never give us because it's too bloody time-consuming and you never see it in the real world anyway! and when the whole class begged for an extention today, jo was all bugged and gave us a lecture about how we aren't being responsible about homework and we're not spending enough time working on it.

whatever. i spent more that five hours on the homework last night and i wasn't even halfway done. true, five or even ten hours would be a short amount of time in any other class i'm taking, but this is vectors. it's really frustrating when i completely understand the concept and i'm still up all night doing algebra.


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