Wednesday, September 15, 2004


last wednesday i took a vectors test, and i was really excited because i thought i had kicked butt, i felt really good about all of my answers, i thought maybe i got them all right, i knew i for sure got a better score than adam, and look at my big ol' sentance! that's how mad i am!

jo took forever to get the tests back to us. a week. that's too long. our class isn't that big. see, now i'm making all these little dumb sentances! that's how mad i am! GRRRR!

i finally got my test back, and it's an 88. i made two really trivial mistakes and lost four points, and then made the smallest mistake on another one and lost eight points. eight out of eight! no partial credit! would you like to know what i did? i used cosine instead of sine. that's all! that's a very understandable mistake! and now it's plus zero for me!

i went and argued with him about it, and no good. he pretty much told me, "yeah, you blew it! but you're above average, so suck it up." GGRRRR!!!

yes, i was a lot above average, which was a 70, and i was also quite a bit above adam, who got a 79. i don't think he's used to me being better at something than he is. true, he's usually the brain. i'm glad i get to pay him back for all the help he gave me in physics. yay for friends.

GRRRRR!!! for dr. jo! i'm totally going to rip him on the class evaluations in december.

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