Tuesday, August 24, 2004

back to school

confound and bebother this slow dorm connection! man did i get spoiled this summer with steve's wireless internet.
it's the first day of classes, and yes, i do have a lot of catching up to do on the twenty days you didn't hear from me. i promise it'll come soon. this semester i'm taking dynamics, engineering economics, thermo, fluids, vectors, and junior design, yay! i had to get my advisor dr. reilley to sign off on that one, because he controlls my life and happens to be the teacher. every time i go talk to him i feel like i've won a battle. he's so intimidating.
everyone and their dog is taking dynamics, including mike, jd, josh, kat, jeremy, and jon. in fact... josh and jon were in all my classes today, and we're already in the same project group for economics. we have ghosh for that class, the same teacher i had for statics. i guess this time we'll be prepared for a butt-kicker final. his stuttering seems to have gotten better, but he still has the craziest accent i've ever heard.
i have jr. design in one hour. i'm a little worried about dr. reilley. josh told me he wants to get an a in that class just so he can throw it in reilley's face.
yeah, speaking of josh... what a pain! in thermo i was playing with my bracelet and he whispered, "i bet if dr. zeman was teaching you'd pay attention." he still thinks i have a crush on him. i told him that if i was the flipping off kind of person i would totally flip him off.
and i had a thought today. an army of one. talk about an all-time recruiting scam. yeah sure, be an individual, join the military!

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