Saturday, August 28, 2004

revenge becomes me?

the "funniest" thing happened in economics on thursday...
ghosh was giving us some sample problems and then working through them, which took forever of course, because he read all of them out loud. no body was really listening. people fell into two categories; sit-back-and-dose, which i joined, or race-dr.-ghosh-to-finish-the-problem, which almost everyone else joined. josh was sitting between me and ben. he didn't have his calculator, so he kept trying to get ben's, which ben was still trying to use, and you see the problem.

since i was sitting back and dosing, i gave josh my calculator to use. he turned the screen on and laughed. the screen said "I HEART YOU HOT HOLLY!"

that could only be from mike. i think i blushed.

then dumb ol' josh passed it to ben. who passed it to the next person. and so on. soon the whole row was laughing. i KNOW i was blushing then.

it's cute that mike left me a calculator message... but josh is going to get it.

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