Monday, September 01, 2003

Alas, poor Juliet!

Yes, it's true, I really killed the car! She was doing so good yesterday, driving around everywhere, and then we tried her out on the highway. She made it thirty miles. Now she's really dead. We spent a few hours by the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, waiting for a tow. Poor Jules!
It gets worse. First of all, no Switchfoot concert for me! Nick caught a ride with the youth group from Cruces, but I'm too old and they didn't have enough room in the vans. I didn't find that out until they were about to leave, so I let myself get all psyched and I even had on my red "I like Switchfoot" t-shirt on. What a dissapointment.
Second, how the heck am i going to get back to Las Cruces to keep stats for the hockey league? I told the president that he could count on me after the first weekend. Now I'll have to arrange some serious bummed rides. Kevin says my team really needed an extra sub last Saturday, too. Ooohhh! Why did anyone even have to touch my car! It was working fine before it got "fixed".
Yeah, I know, that attitude sucks. Don't worry, I didn't vocalize it. You are the first to hear me actually complain that way.
I want my car back.

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