Friday, September 05, 2003

Never hurry, never worry

You guess, it, the internet at Tech is down again and again the only time I have to write is at home on the weekends. I'll be playing in my first game of the season tomorrow! I missed the first game, and right now my team is 0-1. We'll be playing the Okra. Yeah. The team I'm on is the Beans. Other team names include peas, carrots, and rice. I'm so pissed off about this. I thought last season's natural disaster theme was stupid, but being named after side dishes is just really really humiliating.
Besides that, I dropped physics, picked up a boring history class, got freaked out by a guy who was manipulating my mind, caught him, and defeated! Ha!
AND!!! Juliet is not dead! We thought the engine was seized, but actually, something was loose, so something got tightened and now she should be back to normal. Yay! Life is so happy when it includes a working car.

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