Monday, September 08, 2003

The Basics

Hey, hey, hey! Wonder of wonders, I have internet in my dorm room!
Today I was incredibly productive, as long as you don't count my blasted history reading. But my brain is pretty nicely fried right now, so all I can tell you are the basics.
1) I am the vice-president of my hall council. GO ME!
2) My roommate is weird.
3) Okay, my roommate just recognized Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers playing on my stereo, so she's a cool kind of weird.
4) I have a BIG stereo!
5) History is totally boring, and if I didn't really REALLY like my teacher, that class would be next on my list of classes to drop out of life.
6) It's getting COLD in Socorro!
That's about all I can handle right now. Yes, I do have more of a life than that, and no, I really can't describe it. I was freezing my butt off last night instead of sleeping, good times!

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