Tuesday, June 27, 2006

the vicious circle

you know how it is when you have a blog...

whenever there are lots of things happening in your life, you have lots of blog fodder to write about. however, there is also the flip side of that coin: when all the stuff is happening, you don't have time to write. likewise, when you DO have time to write, it's usually because nothing's really going on, and you realize you have nothing interesting to say. it's like the vicious blogging cirlce.

well, either i'm getting really lazy or i love paul maccartney a lot more than ringo starr. i'm going to see mr. starr and his all-starr band in albuquerque on sunday with my dad. i'm sure you've noticed that i haven't been posting pictures of ringo and gushing about how like, totally awesome he is for the last week and a half, and i certainly haven't been making banners or thinking about him non-stop... well, i haven't been making banners, anyway.

but i did go and buy two of his cds yesterday. i bought the latest one he made, choose love, and another one that turned out to be a live performance of the 2001 installment of the all-starr band in chicago. the live cd is cool. they sang "i wanna be your man," which i just learned was the very first U.S. hit for the rolling stones, even though lennon and maccartney wrote the song. choose love is really good too. i keep listening to it and thinking with a shock, "this sounds like the beatles!" and then DUH hits me and i think, "riiiiiiiiiiiight..."

you know what? maybe i will make a banner.

note: interestingly enough, blogger's spell check does not include the word " blog." the internet is sort of dumb.

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