Tuesday, June 06, 2006


have you ever WATCHED a baby bird fall out of it's nest? just sat there and watched? it's awful.

last night the ants came back, so carmen and i brushed them off again. scott and i were watching from the kitchen window, all worried (at least i was), especially about the bird that was teetering on the edge of the nest, trying to get away from the ants. first he fell onto the ledge, and then fell about eleven feet to the cement.

before i go any further... i think he's fine. i read online that the whole "won't touch a baby that smells like human" thing just isn't true for mama birds, so i picked him up and put him back in the nest. i've seen him and the three others (i was wrong about the number at first) several times since then, and i think he'll be alright.

but watching him fall was horrible! and then the parents just didn't DO anything and they let him just lay there and twitch and they didn't even look at him... wow. it was bad. i yelled at them, but of course it didn't make a difference.

so like i said, i got some garden gloves and stuck him back in his nest, which was hard, because he got his claws all tangled in the gloves and wouldn't relax so i could put him back in. a little while later, another bird was doing the same thing, so carmen and i put an old mattress pad under the nest. another baby fell out, but seemed okay because it landed on all the soft stuff.

these poor little birds... it really stresses me out that they're not doing well. i hope this year they fly away instead of dying. :(

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