Saturday, May 01, 2004

ok, NOW i'm mad

alright, i don't know if anyone knew this but i am a huge hockey fan. HUGE. and this is the first season in a long time that i have actually had time to watch the play-offs. i was really excited about this, up until all the teams i care about were suddenly OUT. watch this.
teams i care about:
DALLAS STARS (my favorite team ever! yay, dallas!)
--- out
new jersey devils (my buddy kevin's favorite team, that i root for in case dallas is not around)
--- out
st. louis blues (my buddy hugo's favorite team, that kevin and i root for in case we both are teamless)
--- out
boston bruins (my boyfriend mike favorite team, that i don't really root for because they aren't very good, but still, i care)
--- out
the penguins (my ex-favorite team that i divorced after the jerks traded jagr)
--- out
i think you get the idea. actually, i'm not being entirely truthful here. there is still one team in the running that i care about. it's colorado. and when i say care, i mean hate. i don't know why people hate sports teams. it's totally irrational. but i HATE colorado! i like them a lot better now that roy is retired (sorry roy fans, it's nothing personal, i promise. yeah, he's good. no, i have no reason to not like him. but i don't), but i still love to see them loose. my friend jeremy says they are like the yankees... everyone holds a strong opinion. my opinion is utter loathing.
so honestly.... why have they won their second game in a row against san jose in over time? any of my fellow ABC (Anybody But Colorado) fans will be happy to know the answer. they won twice when they should have been swept for this reason alone: my friend jd prayed for them.
it's all over.
once last semester jd thought the weather was a bit hot so he prayed for rain. it POURED for three days. the roads closed.
remember game seven last year when the red socks got illiminated? they blew their comfortable lead because jd prayed that the other team would win it. same thing happened with the cubs and the marlins.
nice that jd can petition heaven for things like that. CRAPPY that he doesn't care about hockey at all, he just prayed for them because he knows i want them to loose. my only hope here is to trick him into thinking i want san jose to loose so he'll pray for them. DANGIT!

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