Sunday, May 02, 2004

here i am!
The Guardian
Adventure, thrill seeking, loyal, with high goals
for themselves, and equally high standards for
society. They protect what they stand for, and
those that cannot stand up for themselves.

A unique perspective on one's inner self: who are you?
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i'm a guardian angel! neato. i think the description fits me pretty well, but i think this was one of those quizzes that people can find a little bit of themselves in every answer. okay.

one more week of school (two tests and three homework assignments), then a three-day finals week, and i'm done for this semester! yay! then i have three weeks to work at the nursery again before i come BACK up to socorro to take my summer courses. this summer it's electrical engineering for non-majors and technical writing. i'm going to live with steve and christian, and maybe corrie. i'm excited! i've never had guy roommates before, not counting my brother and hoyoung. and i don't count them. it'll be interesting, since steve is my best friend carmen's fiance. stay tuned, this summer is sure to be an entertaining one!

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