Wednesday, January 28, 2004

i was thinking of something brilliant to write to you in class. i came back from class, and opened up the page so i could post my mental revelation, but james was tagging along because he didn't want to go home before his next class that was in only an hour. okay, he doesn't live that far away, but i think living off-campus has given him a lot less people to talk to, and he's kind of the black sheep in the house, since jamison and steve are both super-intellectuals. i figured he could use some talking time. so i didn't post anything, but i left the window open. then later, adam and i came back to the room to "finish" the physics homework (yeah right), and he ended up using my computer to check his mail instead. WHOOPS!
i am found out. he says he won't tell anyone that i have a blog, and that he has a blog too. he also said he got the specifics, so he can read it later. grrrr. i'm only posting this because he just fell asleep on my rug and whoops, now he's awake. adam, if you read this, i am mad at you!!! stop reading!

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