Saturday, January 17, 2004

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of all the luck...
so the hockey league is getting this really nice new, indoor rink. hooray! it is about this time that they decide to change the adult games to the middle of the week instead of saturdays. that means i can't play anymore, because during the week i'm in socorro. also about this time they figure out that because i can't play, i won't be here, and because i won't be here, i can't keep stats anymore. so now they are looking for a new stat-score keeper. and they are offering not my usual twenty, but a whopping sixty-five dollars a day. that's 325% of what i was making. for that much money, i think i could find it in my heart to make the trip once a week.
but why did they have to get the new rink anyway? i was fine outdoors. this means no more long, weird conversations about nothing with hugo and diego. even if i do get the $65 job, people going up to the score booth in the new place have to be buzzed in. and i wouldn't be able to cheer anyone on or anything.
and either way, i won't be playing this season. i've played every season for seven years now. every season since the seventh grade. and if i quit now and try to come back, they might make me play with the ladies! oh, i am doing to cry.
i hate when things change.

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