Thursday, January 01, 2004


happy new year everybody! yay! i love new years and new years eve, this is my favorite time of year. last night i dressed up like a princess and watched movies and played cards and pigged out! new years eve is eating and eating and eating, as far as i'm concerned. dressing up like a princess is going to be my new tradition. i liked that. i got to talk to two of my best friends on the phone, too! adam and carmen called me from urbana, and they were both really excited about the conference they went to. i can't wait to see my buddies again!
as for new years resolutions, i think i am going to try and stay away from getting all stressed out about relationships for a while. in fact, i am just going to stay away from relationships all together... not for a year, i think, but until i can get things figured out. cross your fingers!

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