Tuesday, December 09, 2003

nine assignments to go before the end of the semester! i could be chipping away at that number right now, but... um... i actually went to smith's and got a new toothbrush and toothpaste and i have been chewing on the toothbrush in between brushing my teeth and bragging to anyone who will listen about my sparkling pearly whites. that's what really started this downward spiral of non-productivity.
SO, here's the thing. yesterday sucked. i woke up from bad dreams, bombed a calc test, and generally had a very very surreal day all around. the power went out (that's surreal at a tech school), the clouds were freaky, i read part of hosea.... wasn't comforting. abandon your whoredoms and return to GOD. anyway, since i was having a bad day, adam suggested that we go to his house to watch a movie and chill out. nothing unusual there. but since i was flipping out, we didn't invite scott. g came instead. (g and scott are murderous enemys. having both in the same room is NOT chilling out.) and now we both feel really guilty and we have to backtrack ourselves and hide and keep secrets and create elaborate lies... just so scott won't find out we ditched him. it's crazy. i wrote some notes for chem class on some of adam's coffee paper, which, if you have ever seen coffee paper, you know, is probably the most recognizable paper in the world. now adam's saying that we'll have to come up with a story about how i just happened to come across adam's paper at dinner and it had nothing to do with my wherabouts last night. this is nuts.
but other than the sneaking around, last night was awesome. we watched dirty rotten scoundrels, which i had seen but adam had not (i don't think g payed attention), ate oven pizza and drank peach bubbly. hurrah for adam! he's such a good buddy.

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