Wednesday, December 10, 2003


a lot of my frieds used to live in the guys dorm between my dorm and president's. we used to have bible study in there, because jonny, roger, mike, jd, joel, thomas, starpath, and eric and a bunch of other guys were there. all the boys that used to live there would always say that the entire building is one-hudred year old dry wood, and that someday, no matter what happens, that building was going to burn to the ground.
this year they moved everyone out, saying something about a new office building, and for the whole semester it has been all empty and sad and scary right next to my wall. in the past couple weeks though, they fenced it off and constuction workers began tearing out the walls and such, causing a lot of racket and an incredible eyesore.
WELL, tonight when i came back from studying statics, there was smoke pouring out of the fitch attic and there were fire trucks and an ambulance and police cars and flashing lights and it was SO exciting. i went up to kim's room, because she has a window directly across from the window to the upstairs hall of fitch, and we watched the firemen take a laddar in and punch a huge hole in the ceiling and climb up into the attic and spray stuff with their hoses! they ripped down a huge chunk of ceiling! it was so exciting!
i thought i should call the boys that used to live in fitch and tell them their prophecy was coming true. they were in the middle of bible study. jonny answered the phone and said, "we're praying, what do you want?"
and i said, "fitch is on fire!"
"right now?"
"praise GOD! we'll be there in a second."
so exciting. this completely made my day.

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