Monday, November 10, 2003

yesterday i went with some friends to foothills fellowship in burque. it was great! i really really liked that church, and so did carmen. i was surprized at how many people there i knew. of course, before church we had to make a einstein bagels/starbucks run with adam, corrie, nathan and curtis. then after church we went to twisters, left a note at my grandma's door, went to baskin robins, another friends house, page one, and finally left. it was SO RELAXING to get away from school and stress and stuff. that made my weekend really great.
then i came back to socorro and played with adam's puppies. they are so cute! abby is my favorite, but her sisters, angus, ally and alanis and her brother arlo are pretty cute too.
hooray for puppies!
i wish i was a dog.

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