Wednesday, November 26, 2003

my birthday was two days ago! it was a really really good day, i decided it would be a long long time ago.
that got me to thinking... what if we lived everyday like our birhtday? i would make brownies for everybody i knew, play with adam's puppies all day, and eat really good food. i would get lots of hugs. i would probably get in lots of trouble if i lived every day like that, because i climbed up on the roof of the sac and sat next to the radio tower for a long time. and i would be kicked of the leaders team for skipping the seven am meting.i would also never get any work done. i refused to do my chemistry homework because it cut into my sit on the roof time. i also REALLY slacked off on studying for my statics test the next day. i figured it was my birthday and it would be more fun to goof off. adam made me lunch and mike made me hot chocolate. hooray!
what do i conclude from this? happiness equals slacking off and getting in trouble? works for me! i could slack off on the roof of the sac all day... actually, the roof of baca or the apartments would be better. or workman... yeah...
next year will be even better.

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