Monday, January 29, 2007

best idea ever!!!!

last night jen and i were watching Some Retarded Movie that was completely boring, but tried so hard to be scary (you know, with the intense soundtrack and the creepy "supernatural" images of normal stuff with the colors all distorted, which i think is all kind of cheap, really, why not just hire some little kids that stare soullessly into space and never smile? those always freak me out), which got us started on stuff that's happened to us that's actually scary (i used to work in a haunted restaurant, for example), which led us to the best idea ever.

okay... spring break is coming up and both of us are graduating, and we don't want to spend too much cash before we hit "the real world," but at the same time we don't want to waste our last spring break ever on like, working overtime. plus, i'm moving to seattle and she's moving to hawaii, so we're both kind of worried about leaving the southwest. we're really going to miss the desert.

so we thought... get this... that we'll take a road trip to as many haunted places as we can find in new mexico.

that would be SO much FUN! both of us are completely stoked. so, even though it was two in the morning and a school night, we started researching haunted new mexico places. of course there's the st. james hotel in cimmeron, the val verde restaurant in socorro (where I used to work), the double eagle in mesilla, mansions in los lunas and albuquerque, and not to mention the ghost towns and "condemned insane assylums" that are all over the place. there's even some old civil ware forts that claim general grant often appears on the grounds. sweet. every place we wrote down made us more and more ready to go on this trip.

of course, we might have to pretend to be ghost hunters or something, and take video and pictures. and we'll also need some big strong boys who don't admit when they're scared to go with us so we don't freak out. my brother, being the video/documentary enthusiast that he is, would be perfect. he's also something of a boy scout, so if we decide to camp at a ghost town (awesome), he'd be very handy. AND he doesn't startle easily. hopefully NMSU's srping break is the same as tech's.

on the other hand, there are some ghost stories that you couldn't pay me enough to investigate. i'm going to stay as far away from any indian reservations as possible. i'm not sure that the creepy stuff that goes on there can be classified as "ghost stories." ask anyone from farmington. i'm not making this up.

the other thing that scares the pants off of me is la lyarona. i've heard this ghost story since i was a little, little kid. the story goes that this lady found out that her husband was married to another woman in another village and had another family, and that he liked the other one better. so to punish him, she drowned her children in the rio grande. when she realized what she was doing, she tried to save them, and also drowned. now she walks up and down the rio grande crying for her children. the version i heard (when i was like six, good grief), said that she'd try to drown children that walked by the river by themselves, and that if you heard her crying, no matter how far away you ran, she'd come and kill you when you fell asleep.

CREEPY, right?

anyway, i didn't mean to turn this into spooky story night (although i could tell you some really good ones from the restaurant where i worked). the point is that i'm completely excited about this spring break. it's going to rock. ROCK.

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CC said...

Interesting. A lot of horror movies start out this way. "Let's go check out that mansion in Los Lunas that's supposed to be haunted..."

Anyway, of course I think that's a great idea, if only for the folklore and fun value for you. Of course, it has nothing at all to do with the probability that you'll come out of it with a fun, creepy movie, a lot of spooky blog posts, or ideas for Carnival of Souls. Heh.

Speaking of horror-themed stuff, have you had a chance to read any of that Lovecraft book? Hope you're enjoying it, if only so the monsters in Arkham Horror start having a little context. I've got the rules for Arkham Investigations pretty much firmed up, too - I've been tweaking them a bit to try to make them more usable, and I think I've got a good rules set.