Thursday, January 11, 2007

catching up -- part two

i got a call from kat last night. she saw my name on a list of people that's going to start working at the naval base next year, and she called me to tell me about it. YAY! i'm excited. but... remember that girl from my interview that i told you about? the really negative one? not only is she taking the job, but kat tells me that she's starting the same DAY as i am, and there are only like five of us starting that day and we'll sort of be in a club for like a year, going to all the same classes and everything. that's lame. :(

so i guess i should keep up with my catching up. i'm still in las cruces, being nice and lazy all day. i'm not really looking forward to going back to school next week, even though this semester is going to be even easier than last semester. i'm pretty sure i'll be right at twelve hours, which has never ever happened before. should i take oil painting or glass bead making? right now i'm leaning toward whichever has the cheaper lab fees.

christmas-- it was fun. i was most excited about the gifts i got my sister... three t-shirts, one that says "i heart jake ryan" with a picture of the hottie from sixteen candles, another that says "i heart badboys" with a picture of the bad boy from the breakfast club, and a third that says, "i heart ducky" with, you guessed it, ducky from pretty in pink. she's one step closer to becoming molly ringwald. i also got one for my dad with john cleese that says "minister of silly walks." i got carmen some really beautiful sushi dishes with fish and flowers and stuff on them, which i still haven't actually given her yet. hmmm, i hope she doesn't read this. i love giving people presents.

as for me (look, i'm not that materialistic, okay, i'm not just going to talk about the STUFF i got, but you guys know how i AM about presents, okay?), what probably surprised me the most was what my aunt and uncle gave me-- a coin hip scarf and zils for bellydancing! dude, i'm stoked. i completely didn't expect it but totally wanted it. i'm so going to be the coolest kid at bellydancing from now on. it's gonna rock, man.

in the way of beatles loot, my grandma got me four pencil drawings of the early boy wonders, and apparently my grandad is going to make me some frames. they are beautiful. ringo is especially adorable. my dad gave me the complete beatles recording sessions, released by abbey road, which are going to make me the best beatles geek ever. and... speaking of "i heart" t-shirts...

alicia got me the dvd of paul mccartney's last tour "the space within US." woo hoo! i watched it the other night... and i'm on it. I'M ON PAUL MCCARTNEY'S CONCERT DVD!!!!! that's so huge. the camera zooms in on my homemade "i heart paul" t-shirt, which was on my back, so you can't tell that it's me at all, but i know. and i still have the shirt, so i suppose that proves a thing or two. YAY! i'm so excited about this.

after chrsitmas my dad took me shopping for kitchen stuff, since i don't have any and i'm moving this year. we bought a ton of red kitchen gadgets. i'm really excited about them, and kind of bummed that i won't be unpacking them until august.

new years was fun also, even if my sister DID fly all the way to kentucky and leave me alone to dress up in weird clothes by myself. my mom said i looked like the wicked witch of the west, but what does she even know about the wicked witch of the west, except what she's learned from me? honestly, she's crazy.

anyway, i went to lance and liz's house and watched part of the original saw and ate all their spring peas. then i beat my brother at guitar hero 2. uh. then i went home and started to watch a movie with scott and calm down my poor dog, who was freaking out because of the fireworks. poor thing. then we went to my aunt and uncle's house and played the longest game of arkham horror. ever. well, maybe there was a longer one, but it was like six hours, including our intermission to watch the ball drop and talk about resolutions.

i don't really like resolutions at all, but i am going to try to do one thing this year: finish a novel in november for nanowrimo. and, maybe not this year, but i totally want to see tom petty live before i die, so that too. :)

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