Sunday, May 08, 2005

"you're almost there"

i went to the chinese restaurant with nicole on friday... that's what her fortune said. "you're almost there." it's almost spooky, seeing how she is graduating on saturday. i, of course, didn't get a fortune at all, but a proverb. you know, one of those fortunes that say "a bird in hand is worth two in the bush" or somthing lame like that. those make me so mad! it's such a dissapointment. i hate porverb cookies.

but if i had picked the other cookie and read nicki's fortune, it would have applied to me to. this week i have three more tests and one more paper, and then i am done for the whole summer! i'm so excited! i haven't had a proper break from school since last last summer, and boy do i need it. this summer i'm going to be working with dr. ghosh (that's right, my statics/economincs teacher) and pablo on a research project that sounds really cool. we're making a replica of a human skull for harminic testing and so on... i'm so jazzed. it's a twelve-week assignment, but dr. ghosh doesn't want to be in socorro that long, so he wants us to work like sixty hours a week for eight weeks and then he'll give us a month off. yay!

this semester i got advanced strength, heat & mass transfer, science and literature, manufacturing, and solid & fluid mechanics lab under my belt, plus the second semester of junior design. i love listing everything out like that. it makes me feel like i've been working hard.

but getting back to the cookies... if i were a fortune-writer (and somebody has that job, the lucky shmuck), i think every once in a while i would throw in something like "you're going to heaven" or "don't be nervous, he doesn't know yet" or "don't do it!" or "blame it on the boogie." i would have a lot of fun. i would never put in proverbs. dang it! i always get proverb cookies!

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