Sunday, April 17, 2005

too bad i can't give free samples

i love music. i would love to be a music critic... i guess you would have to take all kinds of music theory classes to do so, so perhaps i'm not as qualified as i pretend to be, but i know what i like. i would really like to be a movie critic, too, but if you gave me the choice of watching a movie or listening to music, i think i would pick the listening. why i'm studying machanical engineering is beyond me.

here's what i'm listening to now:

Brainwashed- George Harrison
i really don't think i'm biased on this one. i don't like it just because i love the beatles or because george's son dhani produced it and does backup vocals and guitar in most of the songs and he's absolutely gorgeous. mike modano is out. dhani harrison is my new celebrity dream guy.

but seriously, the album is excellent. george's voice changed a bit and i think he sounds like Dylan, but the music style is different. he's not big on bass, so most of the songs either have a minimal bassline or none at all. and of course geogre was really into indian music, and he incorporates that into the album. you'll hear unsusal instruments like a sitar or wurlitzer. but then there's a lot of ukelele, too. that's so cool. i wish i could play the ukelele.

most of the songs are upbeat, especially Any Road, the first on the album. my other favorites are Marwa Blues, which is instrumental, Rising Sun, just as upbeat but more intense, and george's cover of The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. i really like all of them except Rocjking Chair in Hawaii. i've discovered that this album is great driving music.

Greatest Hits- The Cars
speaking of good driving music (no joke intended)....
i am SO into the cars right now. if you think you've never heard of them, you'd probably recognize a few of their songs, even if you don't know their name. love their music. it's just so happy and cool and fun! it's not so fun for nicki, who claims she hates 80's music (how we're roommates is beyond me sometimes). being true 80's music, it's full of synthesizers and keyboard. most of it is upbeat and, unlike Brainwashed, easy to dance to. is there a word for that? groovable?

my favorites are Let's Go, Best Friends Girl, Just What I Needed, Since You're Gone, and, of course, Shake it Up. But really, they're all great.

i'm also into hula music right now. it's in my cd alarm clock. waking up to hula is nice. :)

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