Tuesday, August 07, 2007

First Post, Last Post

Note: I told you guys I was going to make a new blog. I did it! I'm at hollypolly.wordpress.com, and I'm pretty proud of my banner picture, so you should probably go over there to read this, eh? This is the first post in my new blog, but the last post in my old blog. This makes me feel clever, but that might be the sleep deprivation talking.

Right now I'm writing this from the lobby of my swanky new apartment building. I get little spots of internet up in my room (the left corner of the couch is almost always the winner), but the lobby's not bad. I'm pretty sure I can get wireless from the roof, too, but it's so cold up there, even though it's August! What the heck, it's not supposed to be cold until like, October.

Or November.

The move is over! I left Las Cruces on Saturday evening and finally turned in the truck on Thursday morning. Thank God. I was so sick of the truck and all the stuff, and I'm so glad moving is over. I kept telling people that it's such a huge hassle to move that I really can't see myself moving back across the country, even though I'm pretty sure I don't want to live here forever.


Saturday night Nick and I stayed at Richie's house in Tucson, where my Uncle, Aunt and Cousin were also. That was nice, because the first leg of our trip was the shortest (which was good, because we needed a warm-up for the lack of cruise control) and I didn't have to say goodbye to my whole family all at once.

Sunday pretty much sucked. We left very late, which was bad because I was in a hurry to meet a friend in Phoenix. After an hour of driving I realized I left my phone at Richie's house. We stopped to call, making us even later. Getting back on the highway, we got into a fender-bender and had to wait around for the police and fill out a report. By this time, we were way too late to meet my friend, and I couldn't even call him and tell him so. All the stuff in the back kept falling over, and when I crawled in the truck to fix it, I hit my head really hard on this bar that I'm pretty sure is only there for people to hit their heads on. I got a big puffy bump and a cut on my head. Lame.

The next day we drove from Los Angeles to Petaluma. We decided to ignore everyone's advice and drive right through downtown San Francisco and across the Golden Gate bridge, which was so awesome. We were there right at sunset, the the buildings were all gold and white, and the bridge was half covered in this really thick fog, so it looked like it just drove off into nothing. It was beautiful. Alicia's grandparents put us up for the night, and their house must be worth millions. Seriously.

On Tuesday we drove up into Oregon on the main highway (which is called a freeway here... highway means something else. It's like sneakers and tennis shoes, or coke and pop, or dinner and supper. I guess it's a state thing) and then drove over to the coast and stayed in Newport. Pretty. And freezing. We asked the guy checking us into the hotel if it was unusually cold that day, and he looked at us like we were crazy.

Wednesday we stayed on the coast for as long as possible. The trees parted often to show us the ocean and the beach and the ports. At one point, we drove around a windy road several hundred feet over a beach, but only a little bit of water was visible because of the fog that had rolled in close to the shore. We were high enough to see over the fog, and it looked like we were over an ocean of clouds instead of water. Very cool.

We got to Seattle Wednesday afternoon, checked into the apartment building, and started heaving the boxes and furniture up to the room. I'll tell you something; that enormous couch is a fat cranky biotch and I think I'd rather chop it into firewood and throw it out the window than try to get it back through the apartment hallway, into the elevator, OR down any stairs. I'm just not that attached. Now that it's up there, it's nice, but... never again.

My apartment is huge. I don't have enough stuff to fill the cupboards. I have like four really big closets, tons of wall space, but no counter space in the bathroom. My new big bed is fabulous. The trash truck wakes me up at like five every morning, but that's okay because I like waking up super early. I live right across the street from a (very expensive) grocery store. First thing I did Thursday morning was walk down to the market and buy vegetables and flowers. The flowers are starting to die, so... new trip soon! Hooray!

I'm moved. So far I'm not homesick at all because I've been so busy setting things up and doing wedding things across the sound (more about that later), but it'll hit me. My voice message from Andy the other night was a little sad. So far I've had all kinds of friends in town for the wedding (I had three people sleeping in my living room last night!), but now all of them are gone except for Adam. He'll be here till Friday. I'm glad.

This is definitely a change. It's why I changed my blog.

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