Friday, October 13, 2006


(holly is such a slacker. why does she even have a blog? it's not like she ever writes in it or anything, unless something ginormous happens, like she gets an email from her dream job in seattle saying congratulations, we'd like to fly you out to the navel base and give you a sweet job offer, and honestly, who wouldn't blog in that kind of situation? how predictable.)

hi everybody! guess what?


so i'm flying out to seattle next month for four days and three nights to check out the navel base to "see if it's a good fit for me," like i'm going to turn it down or something, ha. i'll get to hang out in seattle and bremerton for the weekend with kat and josh and check out the base on monday and i'm SO STOKED! hurray!

more updates later... it's friday the 13th and i'm GOING to watch creepy movies tonight with andy, so i need to plan!


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Barbara said...

Yay! Congrats! Of *course* you got the job... what employer *wouldn't want you*?

This is very exciting... enjoy the trip next month... we're looking forward to hearing more!