Friday, July 28, 2006


work... this week we're trying to make a list of everything we need to make our (seriously theoretical, because we all know it's not going to work) super-duper magical groundwater desalination trailer. it's frustrating, because there's really no way it's going to work because the amount of dissolved solids in the water is just too high. basically we're going to build something, plug it in, say, "look, it doesn't work" and then redesign it. it would be a lot nicer if the powers that be would just believe us and give us the funding to do it right the first time.

ryan keeps saying, "and this is where we all go to diagon alley and buy our magic wands and say our magic words!" it burns to admit it, but he's right. this is pretty dumb.

it's also just hard to find the prices for everything. i've found that the more expensive or important the part, the less likely you are to find the price online. you usually have to call, send an email to, and receive a fax from whatever company you're interested in. that's if you can find the product in the first place! i'm more or less in charge of plumbing, and i'm really having trouble finding a suitable pump.

now i can appreciate the guy that must look up all the prices for those mastercard commercials.

no, it's not that bad. i'm very thankful for my job, i know it's a good one. it's just a bit tiresome. and i'm thankful that i can have money, too. so i can buy things. like my new rainbow brite pj pants! woo! i'm so old school, you wouldn't even believe it. and i know exactly how much they cost.

rainbow brite pj pants: $5.47
funny socks: $3.00
chevy-gmc truck t-shirt that you stole from your sister, who stole it from your mom: um, free. sneaky skills needed.

having awesome pjs: well.... $8.47. sneaky skills not included.

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