Friday, March 11, 2005


today is spring break friday for us! i'm lucky because none of my teachers gave me any brainwork today, but some of my friends (including mike) had two tests today! that's mean. poor kids. midterms has been kind to me so far... the first week back is going to be brutal though. for a four-day week it's pretty packed. i think i have three tests, two lab write-ups, four homework sets, a quiz, and two classes that are starting for the second half of the semester. we'll see if i survive.

tonight, right after work, i'm going to las cruces to visit my brothers and borrow some clothes from my sister, but primarily to get my birth certificate.... so i can go to CANADA!

(no, i don't HAVE to have it to cross the border, but if i have any problems it's proof of citizenship.) mike and i are going to seattle, washington and victoria, british columbia next week. i'm totally jazzed. i wanted to go to vancouver, but everyone i've talked to says that victoria is just way nicer. plus, there are less tourists. and it's not too bad this time of year! it's probably not as great as new mexico... this week it's been like 70 degrees outside with sunshine and nice breezes and we have flowers and pink trees already. i love pink trees.

and how am i getting to seattle, you ask? well, my dad is an IT specialist, so he flies to a major US city every week. i call him and he says, "hi, i'm in baton rouge" or "st. louis" or "dallas." this being the case, he's like the vice-president of the frequent flyers club, and he gave me some of his ticketless rewards for christmas. hooray!

anyway, that's where i'll be until friday. then it's my sister's spring break and she's going to come visit me. then it's my cousins' spring break, and they're coming to visit my family in las cruces. sweet! too bad i'll be dead from all the bloody midterm tests and projects and final solid mechanics lab write-ups... those are the real killers.

at least i'll have some fun before i die.

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