Friday, October 29, 2004

strike three, you're out!

dr. jo has lectured me about priorities for the last time. this week he gave us a two-part test, closed note on wednesday and open-note on friday. i'm sure i failed. i'm dropping the course. what really gets me is that vectors is easy, i understand the material, i just can't pass jo's stupid tests! well, i can pass, but what i want here is an "a". so forget it. i feel really bad about ditching adam, especially when i'm actually doing better than he is in the course.

i feel like a quitter. i feel stupid and i know i'm not. josh was right, i should have taken statistics this semester.

on wednesday adam and i were studying for our vectors test at breakfast. adam told me tony was at home cramming like crazy for his fluids test, but the fluids test was next week. i called tony and told him that. then we asked collin about some vectors concept, and when he was leaving, he asked me if i was ready for our fluids test. there was another whole table of people studying fluids at the same time. thus i found out that i had a test less than a whole hour before i took it. i ditched the vectors and crammed.

i think i did really well. i'm not joking.

yesterday i didn't get any sleep because i was so sick. i went to breakfast and begged mike to give me some of his pain pills and went back to bed. i slept through half of my economics test. luckily, i only slept through half, dr. gosh gave me a little extra time, and i think i did really well on that one, too.

i have another thermo test next week. i don't really know how to study for it. i guess i'll have to see how i do. if i flunk again, i'm really going to have a talk with dr. cal. i talked to him already about my test, but there was really nothing he could do about it. hopefully i just had a bad test day.

and then we come to dynamics, my shining star. it's nice to have one class at which i am excellent. i just hope i don't have to eat my words on the next test.

the other day, when i was working really hard on my dynamics homework for the week, jd told me that it's just not worth it, it's really not worth it. i ignored him, because i like turning in my homework correctly and working hard on it. it makes me feel good. then he asked me what i want to do with my life. i told him i don't want to wash dishes anymore.

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